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Having professionally installed gutters can save you a lot of headaches. Here are the ways that  Rainbow Eavestroughing is providing a superior product.

  • All our fastening systems are installed using a level. This ensures proper drainage towards each downspout.

  • Our downspouts are a  3” x  3” large square pipe. This size can better handle the heavy rain we are now seeing in southern Ontario.

  • Custom corners cut on site. We use rivets to hold the two pieces together. This allows the corner seal to last significantly longer than using traditional screws.

  • All eavestroughs that have sloped below the roof drip edge receive custom flashing to ensure that water can not drip behind the new eaves.

  • Our basic eavestrough system uses high strength aluminum brackets every 18” for a complete hold  

  • Standard Eavestrough system includes the T-Rex M-5200 for added strength, protection from leaves and debris.  We also offer the DoublePro D-11500 where fine particles such as pine needles are an issue. 


Rainbow Eavestroughing uses quality products and materials from these suppliers.


Vinyl and aluminum


Vinyl and aluminum

Royal Aluminum

Siding and soffits


Leaf guard for eaves

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